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Strategy 3 is a full-service marketing firm located in the heart of Tacoma helping design and execute effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Our high-caliber four-person team of creatives is comprised of Strategy 3’s owner and founder, Leah Knoll, Designer and Developer, Ryan Riveness, Director of Marketing Integration, Carrie Davis, and Digital Marketing Specialist, Haley Lepkowski. Together we work with businesses to create strong brand awareness, while producing high quality work and maximizing our client’s degree of influence. From developing custom campaigns, websites, and endless varieties of marketing materials, to growing and managing a business’s online presence, our hard-working and fun team at Strategy 3 is dedicated to creating valuable marketing solutions for diverse types of businesses. Marketing has never been more complex, and for those of us in the business, it’s often very exciting! Putting together a plan and watching it unfold while tracking its effectiveness is what we wake up to do everyday. But that’s our business and for many other businesses the complex world of marketing can be overwhelming – And that’s exactly why we are here! Strategy 3° is a marketing company that works with businesses to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns. What the plan will look like for your company will depend on a variety of different factors, including but not limited to your goal, budget, and customer. It’s different for every business and there isn’t a plan that will work the same for everyone. Our promise to you is to listen, to work together as part of your team, to be creative, and to adjust as needed… And of course, to have fun along the way! Fill out our contact form to tell us a little bit about your situation or give us a call!

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