Crudo & Cotto

Modern Italian Cuisine

2717 N Proctor St, Tacoma WA 98407

Hours: Tues-Sat 4:30-9pm | Sun-Mon Closed
A Marriage between the Umbrian Hills and the Pacific Northwest - Giampaolo Falchetti would not have thought to come to the Pacific Northwest, if he had not been convinced (or cajoled) by Kathryn Philbrook. However, the space has grown on him, and he has been inspired by the fresh local seafood, the wild mushrooms in the mountains, and the local food growing community. Giampaolo grew up on a farm in Umbria, where his family’s food traditions made an indelible impression on him. At Crudo & Cotto, a meal is more than just food. It is an in between meeting place with family or friends to share bread. It is the smell of the sea breeze outside Riccione with a paper bag full of fried squid. It is the fresh tomato just picked from the vegetable garden, split in half and barely salted, and the corn robbed in the dark from your neighbor’s field, roasted over a wood fire at the summer village fair. It is the link to memory, and home; the home we have left, and the home we make new. At the tables here, we bring you a taste of the old, and a taste of the new. We have a little bit of Italian tradition in our menu, and a little bit of modern Pacific Northwest influence, with a healthy sprinkling of local ingredients, and a dash of playful fun.

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